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April 11, 2021 |Vol. 9, No. 49

Beloved: grace, mercy and peace to you from God our Father and Jesus Christ our Lord and Redeemer. Welcome to another week of the month of April 2021. And may you fully experience God’s rest and peace of mind all through the week, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Now one of the things that will make our experience of God’s rest and peace of mind better and better is for many more people in our world to be saved and transformed through faith in Christ Jesus. People who have been truly saved and transformed by the Lord Jesus Christ don’t cause trouble in the society. They don’t steal, rob, kidnap, rape, embezzle public funds, do money rituals, use hard drugs or irritate their neighbours. So, the more of such people we have in our society, the greater the degree of peace and rest we will be enjoying. This is, in fact, why we are admonished in Scriptures not to be praying for ourselves alone but also for all men, for through our prayers God is able to lead them to salvation. (Cf. 1Tim 2:1-4)

But praying for God to lead people to salvation is not enough for them to be led to salvation. We also need to be talking to them about this salvation that God is freely offering them in Christ Jesus. And we don’t have to be an evangelist to do this; we just need to have experienced this salvation ourselves. Have we been saved from our sins? Have we truly experienced deliverance from the power of the devil? Are our lives daily experiencing the love and goodness of God in ways beyond description? If all these things are true in our case, then, we already have enough of what we need to invite those around us to come and share in this same experience we are having with God through Christ Jesus.

For example, our Lord Jesus once had a brief conversation with a Samaritan woman by a well in a city called Sychar. Now this woman was most likely a very troublesome person, one that most people would not want to have anything to do with. That is because, as the account shows, she had married five times and the man she was with at that time was not her husband at all – they were just co-habiting. So, it is unlikely that she was a good woman. Nevertheless, when the Lord Jesus was through talking to her and showing her the solution to the thirst for love and peace of mind that she had, she did not waste time at all to go and gather as many people as she could from her town to come and meet the Lord. (Cf. John 4:4-45)

Now how much Scriptures did that woman know for her to be able to do that? Not much! In fact, she did not need to know much Scriptures to be able to get people to come and meet Jesus. She just needed to be able to passionately tell them her own personal experience with Him and how that experience gave her the faith she needed to have a new and meaningful life.

In like manner, what we need to invite people to meet with Jesus is not a great knowledge of the bible. Rather, what we need is a great passion to share with them the beautiful things our lives have experienced through our fellowship with Him, so that they too may come to Him to have even more beautiful experiences. And as they come to Him and have their lives changed, our society is able to experience a greater degree of peace and rest.

So, as you go this week, determine in your heart that more people will hear from you good news of what the Lord Jesus has done for you, is doing in you and is doing through you. And I pray that God, by His Spirit, will fill you with a great passion to do this, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Do have a fabulous week.

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