Fire in my Bones

Imitate the God of order | Pst. J.O. Lawal

Date: September 29, 2021 | Series: Youth for Jesus | Number: Vol. 4, No. 20

“For God is not a God of disorder but of peace.” (1Cor 14:33NIV)

The bible tells us that we should imitate God because we are His beloved children (Eph 5:1). And one of the things we are to imitate from Him is order. God, as we are told in our opening bible text, is a God of peace and order and not of disorder or confusion. So, if we observe any form of disorder or confusion in our lives or affairs, we should know that God is not behind it. That means He is not the one responsible for the chaos and confusion that we see everywhere in the world today. We and the devil are the ones responsible for these things.

From what we see in the bible, God’s intention is that this world we live in will be one of order. So, even though He made the earth for us to live in, He did not make us before making the earth habitable and ready for us. He did not make us first before thinking of what we would eat and where we would stay. Instead, He made sure the food we would eat and all the other resources we would need for shelter and to make the earth most interesting for us to live in were already available. So, there is nothing we are using or discovering here on earth now that God had not made available before we were brought forth. In fact, we were the last of all His creations to be brought forth. Therefore, we were brought forth into the fullness of His provisions. That is what we call order. (Cf. Gen 1:26-31)

Also, from the creation story that we have in the bible, we see that the world of plants was not made until God had provided light and water for it and also put in the soil all the nutrients that it would need to make the world beautiful and habitable for man and all the other living things with him. Then the birds and animals were not made until God had prepared the world of plants and every other thing they would need to enjoy their stay here on earth. That, again, is what we call order. (Cf. Gen 1:1-23)

Furthermore, when we consider the way the universe works, the consistency of the Sun, the moon and the stars in blessing us with their lights and energies and in marking off for us our days, nights, months, years and seasons, it is clear that God, who created all these things and set them in their proper places, is a God of order and not of confusion. And as His children, He expects us to replicate the same consciousness and pattern of order in our lives and affairs. He does not want us to be disorderly in our lives or to do things without taking into consideration their results or aftermaths.

Yes, order, sometimes, can be very costly. But we won’t regret it, if we will pay for it. What I am saying is that there are times that in order to have order in your life or affairs you may need to expend more resources, energy or time than you will naturally want to use. But ultimately, it will pay off, for it will make life easier and better for you and others with you or others that may come after you.

So, if, for example, you intend to be educated along certain field of life, God expects you to have a plan of what you will do with that education before you even begin to receive it. That is order. Otherwise, you may never be fruitful with that education you want to receive when you are done receiving it. And there many all around the world whose lives clearly illustrate this.

Or if you intend to get married and have children, God expects you to have a plan for the proper care of your spouse and children. He does not expect you to just go ahead and marry like every other person without any knowledge or plan of how your home will be run peacefully, happily and responsibly. Otherwise, that home may never be a blessing to the society but a curse. And there are many homes that are readily testifying to this fact.

At any rate, the point I am making is that God wants our lives to be orderly and free of any form of confusion. So, we must stop making excuses for whatever degree or measure of disorderliness that is in our lives. Instead, we need to deal with it. And how do we do this? First, we need to agree that disorderliness or confusion is not the will of God for us. So we must not embrace it. Second, we must learn to always commit our lives and affairs to God, so that He may cleanse them of confusion and guide us into what is best for us. Third, we must refuse to be lazy or impatient in taking advantage of God’s provisions to organise our lives for excellence. And as we devote ourselves to doing these things, it does not matter how disorderly things may be for us now, it won’t be long before our lives take the shape God wants them to take and begin to show forth His excellency.

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